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In January, after prayerful consideration, I decided to join the race to become one of Dayton’s new City Commissioners. The first challenge before me is to win in the May 4th primary election. I am up for the challenge; however, I need your help.


As a long-term labor leader, community activist, mentor, and small business owner, I am committed to improving communication between the citizens and city leaders, continuing my work on the police reform task force, balancing the budget while maintaining vital services, and finding ways to invigorate economic development throughout Dayton. My passion for Dayton is strong, and this passion will allow me to be a bridge to the future by building on what has worked for Dayton so far and improving upon what has not.


I need the support of friends like you to further my efforts to be elected the next Commissioner for the City of Dayton. I would be honored to have your support through a contribution of $100.00 or more to my campaign. You can contribute by visiting: or by sending a check made payable to “Committee to Elect Stacey Benson-Taylor” to the address is below.


I believe that I am the strong, qualified, and dependable candidate needed to continue making Dayton strong.  I deeply appreciate any consideration you can provide my campaign through your generous contributions.






Stacey Benson-Taylor

Candidate, Dayton City Commissioner



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